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Pride Rocks! Resource Card


The Pride Rocks! Resource Card

NCCJ will print and distribute 2,500 resource cards with LGBTQ+ community resources. These cards are distributed throughout the Dayton community. Complete the below form to be featured on the card.

Please Note: After registration, NCCJ will contact your business to confirm your information and ask questions about your inclusive practices. Completion of this form does not guarantee your inclusion on the card.


April 12, 2024: Applications for the Resource Card are due

Prior to April 12, 2024: NCCJ will call your organization to confirm information. If you do not pick up the call, please call us back within a week of the time we leave a message. (NCCJ will likely call your business within 1-3 days of you completing this application)

May 18, 2024: The resource cards are brought to Pride Rocks! and distribution begins

Thank you for all you do for the community!

Please Note:

NCCJ publishes this resource card on half page rack cards. Due to the limited space on these cards, every submission may not be included on the print version. NCCJ will give priority to those providing mental health treatment services, and then will fill in spaces. Services that are not included on the printed cards may be included on the website version.

Pride Rocks! Resource Card Registration

2024 LGBTQ+ Provider List

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