Police and Youth Together

PAYT Neighbors

Neighborhood Based

Police and Youth Together

For the past 10 years, NCCJ has hosted the Police and Youth Together program (PAYT). PAYT brings 10-12 year old students together to learn and grow alongside law enforcement. During camp, our participants engage in conversation and activities surrounding leadership, empathy, communication, and more.

Despite COVID-19, we knew that hosting PAYT was as important as ever. Unfortunately, due to restrictions, that would be a different layout than we are used to. Select communities will be participating in a one-on-one Police and Youth Together program. This “PAYT Neighbors” program will pair officers from local jurisdictions to students from that community for six weeks of weekly activities.

Please note: Unfortunately due to the current restrictions caused by COVID-19, this program is open only to a select number of participants. If you have not received an invitation from NCCJ to attend this program, please reach out to Lake Miller (lmiller@www.nccjgreaterdayton.org) to learn more.